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WALKING HOLIDAYS €500 per week

Andalucia has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain and the Lijar natural rural park is a fine example. We have a number of local walks in the park area depending on what you want to do for the day. From a lazy walk through the wooded valleys taking in the fauna or a mountain walk taking in the vistas. The walks in the park area are mainly sign posted, ranging from a couple of hours to a day's walk if you want to circumnavigate the mountain. We also venture further afield to the other natural parks in the area, there are other park natural parks which are El Bosque with its lakes and forested mountain ranges and the high rugged Grazalema mountain range.

We are out walking throughout the autumn, winter and spring where the temperatures are similar to the UK in the summer months. September can tend to have the latent heat of the summer when October through to December can be around 20c. January and February are cooler where snow can appear on the mountain tops but when the suns out you will find you are in your t-shirt again. March through to May is where spring comes into play and probably the best time for walking. Along all the walks you will see various fauna taking in the array of wild flowers.


All the picnic areas have stone built barbecues. The fuel, chopped olive branches. Most of our walks finish at the picnic areas where we generally leave a vehicle in the shade with a cool box full of supplies. So when we arrive early evening at the picnic area, we light the barbeque, throw on some steaks and listen to our favorite music whilst looking at the stars through the trees. 

Most of the walks are circuits, it depends what you want to do on the day, however don't worry once you have had enough I will call the retrieve driver in to drive you back home. 


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