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Choose your Tandem paragliding flight








Basic tandem flight

An easygoing panorama 20 – 30 minutes flight. Calm soaring and relaxed thermals make you feel very comfortable.  After the flight all passengers are genuinely pleased and excited. 



Cross Country tandem flight

On this type of flight we try to fly as far as possible, normally 10-15 km and the flight last about 30 – 50 minutes with heights that can be over 6000ft (2000 metres) (depends on the conditions). As we cover a certain distance and use all available thermals you will get a real feeling in flying like a bird!









Fly with the Eagles and Vultures

  A unique experience to fly alongside these magnificent birds. There are many vulture colonies in the area along with various types of eagles! 












Just before take off you receive short induction and safety instruction from our experienced pilots. You will also learn how the paraglider launches, steers and lands. The flight can be an easy and smooth or a roller coaster with acrobatic bits. You choose. Lots of our passengers decide to extend their basic flights to thermal flight while airborne. That’s not a problem, but is at extra cost.

If the conditions are good you will get the chance to fly the paraglider yourself! Unfortunately we live on planet Earth, so good weather can not be guaranteed. We will stay in touch to keep you informed about the latest weather updates and plans.

We have experienced tandem pilots. They will never commence flight operations unless they are sure that conditions are safe to do so. We operate our tandem flights in the beautiful Andalucia see map for the area we operate in.



Surprise someone with our gift voucher. An unique and unforgettable experience.

A tandem paragliding flight is a fantastic and unusual gift, so you can buy a gift voucher to please your relatives, girlfriend, boyfriend or perhaps your boss. Vouchers are valid for 12 months, so the recipient can book in when they have their free time. Please note, our maximum passenger weight limit is 120kg. We provide you with the passenger personal and third party insurance and we only use the latest certified equipment.

Tandem paragliding holidays in Spain

Come and visit us in southern Spain. A unique experience staying in a mountain village, flying as a passenger each day, we fly with the eagles and vultures. Price includes a tandem flight each day (weather permitting)  accommodation, including airport transfers.


We also have other activities such as visits to the local mountain white villages, Bird watching days, trail walking and cycling days and horse riding contact us for details. 

€950.00 each per week




Q: Who can do it?

A: Flying is for everyone! Our oldest passenger so far was nearly 100 years old! Anyone under 18 needs written parental consent.

Q: How fit do I need to be?

A: You just need to be able to take a few steps on take-off and landing, and spend the rest of the time sitting comfortably in the harness. We can accommodate most people’s needs, so if you have any concerns, just contact us first.

The BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) operate a flyability scheme that subsidises people with various disabilities. I fully support this scheme and if possible will fly people with disabilities. Please ring and have a chat to find out more.

Q: Is it dangerous?

A: Yes. There is an element of risk but done correctly the risks are lower than that of horse riding, skipping or even crossing the road. Our pilots have worked all over the world flying tandems and have made thousands of flights. Your safety is our first priority.

Q: I’m scared of heights. Does that mean I can’t paraglide?

A: No. A lot of pilots claim to be scared of heights. For most people, the moment we are airborne, fear and anxiety vanish.

Q: Some schools charge less than you. Why?

A: We guarantee a 20 minute flight, but it is often more. We also offer good discounts for students or groups. Contact us if you want to know more.

Q: How long does it take?

A: We guarantee at least 20 minutes flying time although it is usually more like half an hour depending on the conditions and number of bookings. I recommend you set aside at least half a day so we can wait for the conditions to be just right. Also one of the sites requires a gentle half hour walk to the launch.

Q: Where do you usually fly?

A: All our flying sites are around the south west of Andalucia see map for the area. All the take off areas and landing fields are designated and prepared for paragliding. The site we fly is determined by the wind direction and strength.

Photos and Videos​

We can record for you with video footage and photos of your flight, so you have a memory that you will see whenever you want and re-experience the wonderful feeling of flying.


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