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   Your Holiday  - Your Choice

                We have three distinct holidays - choose which one you would like to attend please select from below 

NOTE all our holidays include your accommodation

Your safety is our priority, we are BHPA qualified instructors. On a cross country day we can fly with you, ask for details. This is a unique service in Algodonales. If you feel its best to have a qualified guide in the air with you, to assess the changing conditions and achieve the best cross country for the day. Have the confidence of flying with the most experienced paraglider guide in the area.

Guided weeks FROM €500 - Aimed at those who want to gain airtime, practice thermalling, fly cross country or break that personal best.

Dates:  All year contact to us for availability. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

New Pilot mentoring week €750 - Aimed at new and rusty pilots looking at learning to thermal, get airtime and learn enhanced glider control under instruction. 


Dates:  October through to June contact to us for availability.

Cross Country training week €750 - Aimed at pilots wanting to learn how to fly cross country. We specialise in flying with you, instructing and guiding in the air on your first cross country flights under instruction. 


Dates:  September through to June contact to us for availability.

NOTE: We offer Hybrid weeks with a mixture of the above just let us know


Open all year around, contact us for availability


Our weeks are normally run from Saturday to Saturday however we are flexible on dates and times, just ask?

Private coaching and training. Contact for details.

Pilot Reviews - CLICK HERE







Have the confidence of your safety by being guided by professional BHPA development instructors, we are the first and original BHPA development school in the area.


We have over 30 years experience guiding and coaching in the area.

The only British Guides who fly over 100Km from the local sites.

The only British guides who have flown to both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast.

If you want to fly to Ronda , we have flown there more than any guide.

All our guides and instructors have upto date first aid certificates approved by the BHPA.

We will fly with you in the same air as you.

We are open all year around unlike other schools and guiding services we will have a guide available, all you have to consider is which is the best time of the year for you? Ask if unsure?

It is thermic all year around, being thermic even flying cross country on Christmas and New Year day!!


The best months for thermals and cross country flights are September, October, November, March, April, May and June.  


July and August are flyable but can be very hot, the other months are also flyable just not as reliable.


Over the years we have flown in many different areas in addition to here in Spain for example in the French-Swiss Alps, Piedrahita Spain, Northern Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, Colombia and Bir India, covering many kilometres.

  • We regularly fly cross country where we set goals for example flying past Ronda an achievable 35 KM on a good day


  • BHPA Chief Development Instructor of High Sierras BHPA development school.

  • The most experienced paragliding guide in the area coaching and guiding since 1994

  • Regular cross country pilot myself and my guides are the only British guides who have flown over 100km from the local flying sites. 

  • The only British guides who have flown to the Mediterranean Sea (70km) and the Atlantic sea (90km) from the local flying sites.

  • Also flown many cross country flights around the world including flying over Mont Blanc summit in 2019.

  • Fly and guide in other countries for example France, Alps France and Switzerland, Portugal, Colombia, Morocco and India.


         We also run trips to these areas throughout the year see link for details

Premium service - see below to see what we specialise in

  • Specialise in flying with you coaching and guiding in the air on your first cross country and first thermic flights.

  • Specialise in traveling to other flying sites in Andalucia, offering two centre flying weeks. Contact us for details. 

  • Specialise in thermal and cross country training from a tandem paraglider.

  • Specialise in small groups we guarantee there will never be more than 6 pilots in total per instructor.

  • We believe we can offer a higher level of service with a smaller group. 

  • Specialise in BHPA Pilot Development Structure following the BHPA Foundation & Development layer. 

  • Click here for for more detail:

  • Specialise in 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 bespoke guiding/coaching weeks. Contact for details. 

  • Specialise in discounted weeks based on group bookings contact for details 

  • Flexible and happy to oblige where possible long weekends and mid-week arrivals , we understand you may not be able to travel Saturday to Saturday, contact for details. 

  • Bespoke weeks by arrangement

  • Specialise in Video from the ground and in air filming of your thermic and cross country flight. We find this a useful tool for debriefing.  You can order a DVD of your weeks flying at the end of the week for only 20

  • Genuine interest in helping you get the most from your flying, so you can get the best experience.

  • Choice of where to stay. Stay in Algodonales which sits on the south side of our mountain and is a bustling Spanish town or choose La Muela de Algodonales on the west side of the mountain which is a quiet unspoilt quite traditional village. Let us know which is best for you we are happy to oblige please contact for details.

On non flyable days we offer alternative activities see here if you would like to take part in these?

Designated landing fields

The west landing field, which is known as the "bull ring". This is an official landing field and only a couple of minutes away from the La Muela de Algodonales village. Here usually there is a catering kiosk serving cold drinks and snacks, or if it is not there, the bar in the village is close by for a cool drink! There is also a landing field we use next to the village of La Muela de Algodonales when the wind is light, which has the convenience of walking back to your accommodation in La Muela de Agodoanles. There are also other fields which can be used to land in however these are more like "bomb out" fields. When the wind is strong we use a landing field about 5 minutes drive from the village which has big open spaces. 

When flying the south side of the mountain there are vast open areas where it is possible to land however there is a designated landing field, (this is known as the tunnel landing field) which is the closest landing filed to Algodonales. As with flying anywhere else in the world you have to act responsible and not land in a field with crops and livestock (unless it is an emergency). When the conditions are right, there is a Venta towards the east side of the mountain range where we land for lunch.

On the ideal day the morning flights are from the south side of the mountain where you can explore the mountain ridge, if the winds are light it is possible to push out into the flats in front of the mountains then on to the hills and mountains flying satisfying circuits. 


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