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 Experience flying alongside these magnificent birds. There are many vulture colonies in the area along with various types of eagles! 








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Andalucia is one of the most attractive areas around the Mediterranean, owing to the good climate and its natural beauty as well as its rich history and culture. But its impressive historic and cultural heritage are outshone by some of the richest natural areas in the Paleartic; a meeting point of Europe and Africa, which still offer breathtaking landscapes and an unusual fauna and flora. The mild Mediterranean clashes, in Tarifa, with the wild waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean, extensive salty lagoons and wide rivers, the highest ranges in Iberia climbing more than 12,000 feet above sea level, evergreen forests, badlands, fertile plains, wild olive trees, oaks, pinsapo firs, high cliffs, wild beaches and the most important sand dunes and marshes in Europe can be found in the region. A rich avifauna have settled here, more than 250 species are present throughout the year.

The area and other important areas offer Andalusian and Iberian specialities: Andalucian Hemipode, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Glossy Ibis, Spoonbills, White-headed Duck, Red-knobbed Coot and many others... but which are the best places for birdwatching in this land? Below we set out some of the top spots.

You can enjoy a dream birdwatching holiday in Andalucia - remember to avoid the summer season when the region, mainly inland, is really, really hot!

Click here for details of the areas bird life

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