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Low Airtime & Rusty pilot Course


per week 

Pilot development course

Aimed at new and rusty pilots


Aimed at qualified pilots e.g.  IPPI Para 3 & above, BHPA club pilot & above, USA Pro 2 & above or your countries equivalent


We specialise in the BHPA Pilot Development Structure which incorporates the foundation and development layer.

  • Building your confidence 

  • Gain additional skills as per the BHPA development structure

  • Work towards your Pilot tasks and if required take your pilot exam with us, we have study material and videos.

  • The weeks course is limited to 4 pilots per instructor per week. We believe this gives you a higher level of service. 


Below is a summary of areas we will be covering (if you want to specialise in an area let us know)

        Flight exercises 

  • Thermal flying instruction/skills - theory and practice

  • Graduated Flight exercises

  • Pilot tasks

  • Enhanced site assessment

  • Advance Glider control techniques

  • Gaining more airtime

  • Flight planning and decision making 

  • Debrief of your day utilising launch and in the air video

  • Understand and demonstrate foundation layer knowledge of “Decision to fly” including human factors for safety, group pressure, currency and pressure to fly when one not flown for a long time.

  • Not to fly aimlessly, always have a plan (even if it’s a top to bottom) 

Sites, conditions and meteorology

  • Understand and demonstrate site assessment & weather conditions for the day 

  • Understand airflow and turbulence at different sites. 

  • Understand and demonstrate suitable take off and landing areas 

  • Understand and demonstrate flying in crowded conditions 

  • Understand what is happening around you with regards to the weather and understand how this will affect your flight 

Glider control 

  • Understand and demonstrate different launch techniques in light and strong wind, by the end of the week you will have practiced at least 5 different launch techniques 

  • Understand and demonstrate advanced landing technique

  • Understand and demonstrate big ear and speed bar combinations for fast descent and awareness of its limitations. 

Introduction to cross country flying 

  • Via our unique grid challenge. 

  • Thermal theory and thermal practice 

  • Your first cross country 

  • Your week will be videoed from the ground and in the air. A copy can be provided at a small cost. Ask for details. 

  • The course includes your shared room accommodation

  • Single room can be arranged for a small supplement

  • There is a choice of accommodation in Algodonales or the tranquil La Muela de Algodonales

  • If you do not want to stay in our accommodation you can choose from €30 per night CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT'S AVAILABLE

  • Includes transport to take off and full retrieve service

  • Tandem flight with thermal and cross country coaching can arranged at an additional cost contact for details  

  • One to one bespoke course can be arranged. From €2000 PW. Contact for details

  • We are back in the UK for the summer months for continuity training. Ask us for details


On non flyable days we offer alternative activities see here if you would like to take part in these?

BHPA pilot development
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