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High above Ronda

Cross Country Course

€750 per week 



Aimed at pilots wanting to learn to fly cross country or require an experienced to fly with them

Fly with cross country guides who actually fly the local sites.

Over 30 years guiding pilots in the air on their cross country flights (I will be up in the air with you, not on the ground telling you what to do).

The only British Guides who fly over 100Km from the local sites.

Click here to see my flights at XC Contest Chris

Click here to see our flights at XC Contest  Raymundo


Fly over the Andalucian country side, a typical first XC would be around 30 KM to 50KM and aiming for more as you gain experiences. The record for the area is over 200 km.


We specialise in the BHPA Pilot Development Structure the course incorporates the development layer


Aimed at qualified pilots e.g.  IPPI Para 3 & above, BHPA club pilot & above, USA Pro 2 & above or your countries equivalent

Work towards your Pilot tasks and if required take your pilot exam with us, we have study material and videos.

The aim of the cross country week:

  • Graduated week taking each day step by step starting with our grid challenge, building not only your airtime but your kilometres.

  • Specialise in flying with you, coaching and guiding in the air on your first cross country flights (I will be up in the air with you, not on the ground telling you what to do).

  • Theory sessions covering the different cross country subjects throughout the week

  • The course includes your shared room accommodation

  • Single room can be arranged for a small supplement ​

  • There is a choice of accommodation in Algodonales or the tranquil La Muela de Algodonales

  • If you do not want to stay in our accommodation you can choose from €30 per night CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT'S AVAILABLE

Below is a summary of some of the areas we will covering (if you want to specialise in an area let us know)

  • Advanced Thermaling techniques

  • Finding thermals looking for thermal sources and thermal triggers

  • Specialise in flights to goal, triangle and out and return flights  

  • Understanding the weather for a cross country day, interpreting weather forecasts and information in order to recognise good cross country conditions

  • Speed to Fly 

  • Instrument and waypoints understanding

  • Cross country days with flights to goal and circuit flights e.g. out and returns, triangles and cats cradles

  • Airspace Spain & UK. Plan and navigate a route avoiding airspace.

  • How to Fly with vultures

  • BHPA Pilot development structure tasks 

  • Pilot tasks and exam can be included

  • Debrief of your day analysing your days flight utilising launch and in the air video

  • Entering your flights in the cross country league

  • Specialise in small groups we guarantee there will never be more than 4 pilots per instructor in total on these courses. We believe we can offer a higher level of service with a smaller group

  • Transport to take off and full retrieve service  

  • Tandem flight with thermal and cross country coaching can arranged at an additional cost contact for details 

  • One to one bespoke course can be arranged. From €2000 PW. Contact for details

  • We are back in the UK for the summer months for continuity training. Ask us for details 

  • Click here to see our flights at XC Contest

  • We regularly fly cross country where we set goals for example flying past Ronda an achievable 35 KM on a good day

  • Retrieve system utilising modern tracking systems for example we use Live track 24 and WhatsApp we recommend you download these before arriving

                           NOTE: Pilots attending this course should be able to thermal and take off unaided

On non flyable days we offer alternative activities see here if you would like to take part in these?


Topics covered 

  • Cross country techniques 

  • Thermaling techniques 

  • Active flying in thermic air 

  • Dealing with turbulence 

  • Identifying thermal sources 

  • Reading clouds 

  • Getting the best from your wing 

  • Flight track analysis 

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