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Chris Williams

Chris Williams

BHPA Chief Development Instructor of High Sierras BHPA development school (405). Trained with Dean Crosby at Active edge in 1994. Came out to southern Spain in the same year. Taking my first guided group in 1995.

The most experienced paragliding guide in the area coaching and guiding since 1995. 

Enjoys all aspects of paragliding however flying cross country and hike & fly are at the top of the list.

Regular cross country pilot myself and our XC guides we are the only British guides who have flown over 100km from the local flying sites. 

The only British guides who have flown to the Mediterranean Sea (70km) and the Atlantic sea (90km) from the local flying sites.

Also flown many cross country flights around the world including flying over Mont Blanc summit in 2019.

Fly and guide in other countries for example France, Alps France and Switzerland, Portugal, Colombia, Morocco and India.

Keen cyclist especially trail riding,

ex-climber, motorbike rider and hill walking, Bird watching especially the raptors in the area, but generally anything outside is where I am at my happiest.

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Lynn Williams

Runs the non flying side of our business, looking after our guest accommodation or helping out on launch and the retrieve driver picking up pilots from their days flying.


Although Lynn does not fly she is a keen bird watcher and enjoys flying on the tandem paraglider with the Griffon Vultures. Also enjoys walks in the country side and same as me enjoying the outside life.

Griffon Vultures

Are arguably my other instructors. Lijar mountain there are hundreds of breeding pairs that live here all year round. Having spent many years observing them they have become our guides in the air. I have specialised knowledge of their flying habits and daily destinations to use to our advantage.

The Team

Lynn Williams 
Griffon Vultures
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