€500 per week




I have been mountain biking in this area of Spain for 20 years, just for my own fun, getting more adventurous with my routes and trails all the time. I have recorded a number of my most popular routes with GPS tracking and created maps for others to follow. We are in the mountains so all routes will have at least some climbs. I consider my fitness level to be average, so when looking at the timings of the routes this will give you an idea how long they will take you. I have simple routes from around 1-2 hours to 7-8 hours, most are however 4 hours and around 35-40 km long. 


I have been mountain biking for as long as I can remember, probably from my teens, the only difference then was there were no mountain bikes. We called them trackers, putting knobbly tyres on, with cow horn handle bars and using sturmey archer gears, all three of them! My first real mountain bike was a Marin. I had a few of these over the years and still have an old eldridge grade, which I use sometimes for a little nostalgia. I have many years of mountain biking in the UK and around Europe, my favourite area in the UK is the Yorkshire Dales and try and get there when we are back in the UK over the summer months.

It is up to you what trails you want to have a go at, I will advise you each day what is the best for the day depending what you want to do. The park, mountain and surrounding area offer excellent terrain from those who like to take it easy and the ones who are "mad for it".


Over the time we have been in the area we have seen a notable increase in the amount of mountain bikers and road cyclists passing through. We are close to the Via Verde way and I have a number of set trails depending on experience, physical fitness and how long you want ride for. We have a mountain bikes for you to use which are included in the price, or you can bring your own


Sierra de Lijar rural park sits in the province of Cadiz in south west Andalucia. Over the last 10 years the park area has had a lot of European money spent on it. Not far from the entrance there is the La Muela recreation picnic area, with barbeque and picnic benches already set up for you to use. Further up the mountain there are sign posts for mountain bikers and walkers, with shaded rest areas. The climb up is a challenge taking around an hour to the top where you can spend another couple of hours on the tracks around the top with fantastic views of the surrounding area, on a clear day you can see the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada and to the east or the Atlantic coast line to the west.