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Algodonales & La Muela de Algodonales sits at the entrance to a a designated park area. Other than flying there is also cycling, walking and birdwatching, we soon established this was a great area to take part in these activities.


The park area has had a lot of European money spent in development for mountain/trail cycling riding along with designated walks along the griffon vulture areas, we have spent much of our non flying time exploring the area.

There are a number of mountain bike, trail riding and walking trails in the area we are only a short ride away from the Via Verde cycle and walking way. The mountain has a great climb of 1500ft with wonderful views when you arrive at the top with a fast down hill run back into La Muela de Algodonales for a cooling drink. 

This area of Spain is one of the best places in Europe for birdwatchers as we are on the migration path across to Africa, we have established some great areas for birding and we specialise in taking birdwatchers on a tandem paragliding flight to fly with the eagles and griffon vultures.

This part of Andalucia has some fantastic history, one of our passions is visiting the local white villages and exploring the roman and moorish history.

Vist the pages on our other activities to see if you would like to take part?


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