From €450 per week 

Guided Paragliding

        We are professional BHPA instructors & guides

Aimed at qualified pilots e.g.  IPPI Para 3 & above, BHPA club pilot & above, USA Pro 2 & above or your countries equivalent

                 €450 without accommodation or €550 with accommodation in one of or our houses.

On a cross country day we will fly with you, we do not just guide from the ground we also guide from the air.

    There is a choice of accommodation in Algodonales or the tranquil La Muela de Algodonales.

                     If you do not want to stay in our accommodation you can choose?



  • On a cross country day we will fly with you, we do not just guide from the ground as we believe its safer to know whats happening in the sky where you will be flying.

  • Aimed at pilots who want to gain airtime practice thermalling or fly cross country or break that personal best?

  • Perfect learning and great flying conditions, for those who would benefit having a guide who will fly with you 

Fly with cross country guides who actually fly the local sites.

  • Over 26 years guiding pilots in the air on their cross country flights (we will be up in the air with you, not on the ground telling you what to do).

  • The only British Guides who fly over 100Km from the local sites.

  • Click here to see my flights at XC Contest Chris

  • Click here to see our flights at XC Contest  Raymundo

  • We regularly fly cross country where we set goals for example flying past Ronda an achievable 30KM to 50 KM on a good day

  • Extensive knowledge of the weather systems 

  • Extensive knowledge of the vulture colonies and their flying routes 

  • Specialise in flights to goal, triangle and out and return flights 

  • Morning weather briefings before flying​

  • Who does it suit? -  Paragliding pilots with 10 plus hours

  • What can I expect? - Friendly launches, big landing fields, BHPA Instructors on hand

  • What do I need - Complete set of Paragliding  equipment

  • How often do they run? All year around

  • Specialise in traveling to other flying sites in Andalucía offering two centre flying weeks contact us for details

  • Specialise to small groups we guarantee there will never be more than 6 pilots per instructor in total. We believe we can offer a higher level of service with a smaller group

  • We both use UK mobiles to help keep your costs down

  • One to one bespoke XC guiding can be arranged. From €1000 PW. Contact for details

  • Course includes shared accommodation transport to take off and retrieve service

  • Single room can be arranged for a small supplement when available

  • If you are a school who needs a guide, accommodation with a retrieve service contact us for details

  • Exclusive discount on group bookings.  6 pilots and above booked together. Contact for details

  • You can also book daily at 120 per day which includes all the above service including accommodation

  • You can also book daily at €80 per day excluding accommodation

  • We offer accommodation without guiding from €30 per night

  • You can combine any of our holidays see what we offer then just tell us what you need.

On non flyable days we offer alternative activities see here if you would like to take part in these?

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